Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Family Tent Review

The Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Family Tent is the kind of tent the whole family will enjoy. It is rugged and versatile for that and many other uses. That and the fact that it is economical and fits into most budgets today make it the first choice for campers, fishermen, and even harried business people. Let’s now take a look at it in depth and see why you’d want one on your next outdoor excursion.

Not only can it house up to 8 people, but it comes with a screen room, a mesh convertible roof, weather-repellent construction and easy set-up. The screen room can function as a sun room or as an additional bedroom.

Who is This Tent Made For?

This is the tent for people who like to go out fishing or hunting with the crowd, two families that want to spend time and share the costs of camping out.

It is perfect for the photographer/writer/artist who wants to have a retreat in the woods where they can follow their craft and not be disturbed.

Finally, it is the perfect way for a busy office person to set up in the backyard so they can enjoy a little peace and quiet while catching up on work.

Good Tent With Added Features

Here’s a tent that many campers wish they had when they were much younger. It has plenty of room for up to eight people and their gear and a feature that makes camping a dream come true. You get an enclosed gazebo-like structure with mesh screens that prevent flying insects from crashing your camping fun.

You can sit there and enjoy watching the scenic wonders that Mother Nature provides and if you were to set this tent up in your backyard would double as a workaround/office space.

While you’re camping, you have all the luxury of a standup cabin, as it is 6 1/2 feet in height. This ensures you plenty of headroom as well as to store all your gear and camping accessories.

It provides protection from the elements, ventilation when you want it, and in addition, it’s very simple to set up and tear down when it’s time to go home.


Features of The Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Family Tent

  • Dome style 3 Season tent that lets people camp in perfect comfort.
  • This gives you 5 in Sleeping Room along with 3 that can sleep in the sitting area when the tent is buttoned up for the night.
  • Fully enclosed attached screen room that doubles as a play room for the kids during hot weather.
  • Bathtub design with the raised lip that prevents water from getting inside either the screen room or the tent itself.
  • Zippers with large task that is easy to operate and prevent the common zipper failure that occurs with many inexpensive tents.
  • Full mesh roof option.
  • Rain fly keeps the rain out and is removable in sunny weather to allow for clear star viewing and comfortable sleeping at night.
  • The Removable fly covers tent and screen room creating sleep-able space and weather protection.
  • Mesh screen Room with ZIP-UP walls and 2 Room windows and mesh roof keeps flying insects and bugs out while letting the breeze in.
  • The door to the Sun/Screen room is an inverted “T” with heavy-duty zippers.
  • The Flooring is welded polyethylene.
  • You get a fiberglass rod frame.
  • The stakes are made from Steel and Plastic.
  • You have 2 Poly mesh windows.
  • A back mesh covered vent creates a ground breeze effect.
  • Power Corners adds stability to the whole tent.
  • The tent comes with stakes, 2 hanging pockets, and Storage bag.
  • This is the camping tent you want whether it if just for the family or you are planning to take along a crowd for fishing and birding.
  • Massive sized sleeping area has enough room to handle large air mattresses with ease.
  • This is the perfect tent for those who want to have a place to stay while a home is being renovated or has suffered tornado or other unforeseen events that render it unlivable for a time.
  • Offers a safe haven for the outdoor photographer and writer who wants to get away from it all and get some serious work done.
  • The Klondike can double as a backyard gardener’s workroom or an add-on room for when unexpected visitors stop in.
  • It sets up fast using 2 people in under 20 minutes and the Rain Fly can be put up by a single person alone if the weather warrants it.
  • Finally, it has a 10 Year Warranty.


  • Sets up fast and easy.
  • The Rain Fly goes on quick and easy.
  • Best looking and most useful tent I’ve ever seen and the one that other people wish they had.
  • Lots room for the gear, kids, and the dog. We fit a king-size in the main room and a queen in the other one for the kids.


  • Came damaged with a few of the zippers broken, we called it in and they shipped us a new one with no argument or fuss.
  • If there is a heavy blow brewing gets the rain fly up otherwise the whole tent can get blown over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Being a tall guy 6’1” can this tent accommodate me?

Answer: The center of the main room is 6’5″ in height. So, you’ll have room to spare when you stand up.

Question: I have a king-size air mattress can I squeeze it into this tent?

Answer: you have 16 X 11 square feet of living space in the main room, which will handle one king-size, or two queen-size air mattresses no trouble. The sunroom can handle a queen as well.

Question: Is the sunroom fully enclosed if bad weather should come up?

Answer: Yes, when fully buttoned up all Windows and doorways are covered by the rain flaps. The sidewalls of the sunroom also have flaps that seal up tight. However, for added protection, one should always run sealer around all the seams before you go camping rain or shine. With the wonky weather we have been having lately, you don’t want to take any chances

Features at a Glance

  • Sleep 8 persons.
  • Full mesh roof option.
  • Rain fly to keep the rain out.
  • Mesh Screen/Sun Room.
  • Inverted “T” door with heavy-duty zippers.
  • Welded polyethylene floor.
  • Fiberglass rod frame.
  • Poly mesh windows.
  • Power Corners strengthen the tent.
  • Tent comes with stakes, 2 hanging pockets, and Storage bag.
  • 10 year Warranty.

Final Verdict

This is a dream tent for many as it has all the features you would like and few of the downsides. It has a moderate price and with reasonable care, it will last for a number of camping seasons.

However, it is not designed for Antarctica or the North Face of Everest. Nor is it designed for someone to wear football cleats inside and expect the floor to hold up.

When you pitch a tent outdoors, you should always put down the ground cloth of heavy plastic or canvas. This protects the tent from punctures from below and insulates from the wet ground or cold.

The seams to be waterproofed prior to each outing and tie-downs should always be checked for tightness after the tent goes up. With the simple precautions, your Klondike a person tent should last you throughout the entire camping season and with more to follow in the coming years.

Get a 8 person tent that fits your budget and gets the job done right for fun and enjoyment in the Great Outdoors. You and your family or two families together will find the perfect tent at a bargain price.

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