How to Avoid Knee Pain While Hiking

Knee pain is common among hikers and trekkers. This problem is sometimes referred to as hiker’s knee and it can be caused by different factors. The most common cause is the knee overuse and excessive strain during hiking. When the problem occurs, it can make hiking very difficult because it always results in pain around the kneecap.

After you have hiked for a long hours, or when you are hiking towards a hill, this problem can always manifest. The knee pain is more pronounced when you are descending from a hill. Once the problem, is there the next thing to do is to treat it. Prevention is better than cure. As a seasoned hiker, you should look for ways of avoiding this problem in the future.

Tips to Avoid Knee Pain While Hiking

Smooth slopes

As said before, you should not hold yourself back when you are descending the hill. You can hold yourself, but you should not overdo it. When you overdo it, it can cause a severe problem for you such as knee to jerk. The best thing to do is that when you are hiking, you should make full use of gravity and hike down at the same rhythmic pace. You can avoid knee pain when you hiking down the hill.

Hiking down a rocky train

When you are hiking through a rocky terrain, you should be mindful of how you descend such a rocky terrain. If you descend so rapidly, it can cause serious impacts on the knees. Such an impact does not spread evenly to your body, and because of that, it can cause knee joint pain.

Avoid leaping

Most importantly, when you are hiking, you should avoid leaping. This warning is very useful when you are descending a hill. When you leap, the tendency is that you are going to descend down and there is a problem of what is known as heel transfers and this can have a severe impact on your knees. Because of that, you have to avoid that.

Always use hiking poles


Hiking poles are good for hikers because it does many good things. During hiking, you can experience what is known as the compressive force and the poles try to reduce that force by at least twenty five percent. The importance of this is that it can assist the body system in redistributing the body weight to other parts of the body like the shoulders and arms. This will reduce the impact on the knee.

Strengthen the leg muscles

Furthermore, you have to prepare the knees for the impact it will encounter during hiking, and because of that, you have to condition your muscles for such challenges. When you strengthen the muscle, it will prepare you for the stress the leg will undergo during hiking. The body weight must not be on the knees, it has to be fully distributed to other parts of the body. This can prevent knee pain during hiking.

Use knee braces


Experts have always been recommended that when you hike, you have to do that with knee braces. You have to put this on. The importance of this is that it gives the knees more support. You must always wear this, but when you feel that you will hike in a difficult terrain, you can always put this on to offer the need support for your knees.

Hike with superior quality boots/shoes


Moreover, when you want to hike, you should do that with the best quality hiking boots or shoes. The boot or shoe you wear during hiking is very important because this can determine the impact on the knee and other parts of the body. Such shoes should have a shock absorbing feature. This can help reduce the negative impact it will have on your knees.

Ensure that stretch your muscles

Before you commence your hiking activities, you must strengthen your muscles. In the same way, you must strengthen the muscles at the end of hiking. This helps the body, especially the knees, it makes it very pliable for the hiking challenges, and it helps to minimize pain and injury during and after hiking.

Most importantly, ensure that you engage in constant exercises. This will equally make your body more pliable to hiking and it can reduce injuries that are associated with hiking and other kind of exercises.

Hiking is great and fun activity. When you engage on this frequently, it will be good for your body because it can make you fit and it can improve your health as well. When you are hiking, you have to use the most important hiking gears. Train yourself very well to minimize different kinds of pain and injuries, especially those associated with your knees. There is no doubt that tips provided above would ensure you have an injury free hike.

  • Updated September 6, 2018
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