How To Clean A Tent

If you love the outdoors, thou know dirt is part of the package. Camping is so much fun as you get to interact with nature up close. It helps to have the right gear and tools to make it enjoyable. Having strong, functional and durable gear is very important. No matter how careful you are, dirt is all over so follow these steps on how to ​clean a tent. Follow the following Stairs to practice during cleaning camping tent.

Your gear will get dirty as it comes into contact with the ground and all the mess four in the forests. So after great camping days you need to clean your tent before storing it. Nobody wants a damp smelly tent when you need it for the next trip out In the woods. Here is a guide on what to do to get your tent clean and ready for storage in no time.​

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Important Guide To How To Clean A Tent

Step One: Get Rid of Loose Dirt

Your tent probably has dust or and twigs. Stretch out the tent and shake the duct off, you can use a soft brush to get rid the dirt. Before you pack the tent shake off all the dirt and debris on it. A set up tent is easier to clean as the poles will hold the tent whole you can remove all the refuse from it.

While at it inspect to see If the tent to check If there are any tears or worn out parts that may need repair. If you have any worn parts make a point of taking care of them before storing the gear. Overtime exposure to the sun and element will weaken some spots.

Step Two: Wash Away Stubborn Dirt

If you tent is muddy, you will need to take of it by washing away the dirt using a soft brush with soapy water. While the tent is stretched ran through with water and work you brush on the problem areas. Rose with running water until all water is clear.

Step Three: Air Dry the Tent

Never make the mistake of storing a damp tent. If you are out camping and it pours, when you come home, air dry your tent and make sure its dry all through before putting it in store. A wet tent is a disaster in waiting. It will smell so bad and the moisture will damage the fabric.


If you had washed if, let it dry in the stretched position. This may take a few hours on a sunny day and can take longer when it cloudy. You should however never machine wash the tent. The washing machine will dry the fabric causing it to stretch which can cause tearing.

Step Four: Clean Zipper and Poles


Don’t forget to clean zippers and poles. Zipper is the most important for tent. Clean zips are easy to open and close. You can use lubricant to work the zippers.

Step Five: Spray on Fabric Treatment


Spray the tent with waterproof fabric treatment. This gives it an added protective layer against UV rays that can weaken it. It will also ensure you stay dry and cozy in the tent should rain find you out there. Tent & Gear Solar Proof works wonders in sealing all leaks and prolongs the tents life span.

Step Six: Storage

When done cleaning and having made sure your tent is dry, store it in a moisture free closet where you can easily access it for your next trip. Make sure the poles are stored together so you won’t start looking for pads when on the go.

A well taken care of tent will give you better service. It will give a lot of pleasure when packing a clean tent for your next excursion outdoors. Your tents need your care after every trip.

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