Eliminator Pro Sight by Extreme Outdoor Products

The Eliminator Pro is a five-pin bow sight that can be used with a compound or recurve bow. While we love this sight it is no longer available for purchase. You may be able to find one second-hand from a local outdoor shop, otherwise we recommend reading our review of the best 5 pin bow sights or best single pin bow sights to find an alternative.


Customer Service

Customer Service Mitchell Schmitz Owner of Extreme Outdoor sent me his Eliminator Pro within three days of talking to him. He explained his product to me and was able to answer all my question.

The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Everything he said about his product was true. He even gave me his cell phone number if I had any questions about the sight, they’re a great company and the customer service is top notch. How many companies do that? So in the Customer Service Round, The Eliminator Pro scored: A KNOCK OUT!!!!!


Quality & Set Up

After receiving the box in the mail I opened it and the first thing that I notice was how many different company names were on the box endorsing this product. After removing the sight I saw first hand the quality that Mitchell told me about was true.

It’s slim profile and light weight is a plus. Hunter’s are all ways looking for ways to lighten there load in the woods. I’m a stickler on the balance of the bow, the Eliminator Pro looks big and heavy but it’s not, it only weights 7.2 oz.

This is lighter than the sight that I am now using. The sight is one of the most solid made sights I’ve ever seen, It’s made from 6061 aluminum. There are no moving parts to break on you, and the pins are made from steel. It comes with an instructional DVD that shows you how to set up the sight.

I wish all companies did that, not everyone is a bow smiths. All that said and done, setting up this sight was as easy as 1 2 3. The video explained it all.So in the Quality & Set up Round, The Eliminator Pro scored: A TKO!!

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Round 3: Sighting & Tuning

Well I got the sight on my bow, and I have to say after shooting the Eliminator Pro that I am amazed by my improvement in my accuracy. I can put five arrows in a three inch circle and not robin hood one of them. What I’m trying to say is I can spell my name with arrows! I would never shoot five arrows at the same dot UNTIL now!! I can’t believe that this technology isn’t all over the market.

Last night I stuck five stamps on my target and centered them all, three the first shoot and I pull the two misses and shoot them again and found home on the two others!! The picture is below. I put the sight on my Dad’s bow and tuned him in, What a improvement!

He is right handed and left eye dominant, with this sight he could for the first time ever shoot right handed while looking at his pin’s with this dominate eye. Tell me of another sight you can do that with?

He was so impressed that he had me call Mitchell at nine o’clock last night to get him one. And like usual within ten minutes of talking to Mitchell I received a tracking number for his sight that I just ordered,Thats service!!!! Tuning this sight was so easy, I made it harder then I needed to, I’m use to bringing all the tool out of my shop to tune a bow in!!! All you need is one 9/64 allen wrench for the vertical single pin box, And two allen wrenches for the horizontal pin box a 9/64 and a 7/64, How simple is that? I’m going to be posting a link to my video of this sight on Youtube so keep a eye out for it!!! You will be impressed. So in the Sighting & Tuning Round: The Eliminator Pro scored: A KNOCK OUT!!!!!!!

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