Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Review

When you want to take the family out to the beach and enjoy the sun. There is nothing better than a Coleman tent to help. They give you what you want for the sun, sand, and sea fun. They specialize in tents of all sizes and shapes.

Take the Red Canyon tent. It will hold one or two families in comfort. You can sleep on your air mattress and not elbow the person sleeping next to you. The size of the tent makes it ideal for camping, fishing, and hunting. It sets up fast and breaks down almost as quick for your vacation/holiday fun.

Now is the time to get the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent that houses 8 people and all their gear. It divides into 3 rooms and everyone can have enough room to roam around comfortably. You can sleep dry and secure in a tent made by Coleman that is one of the best known suppliers of camping equipment around.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Coleman 8 person red canyon tent is the family camping tents. If you are an adventurous like camping then this is the perfect for you because this is the most popular with big family or large number of friends or multi small family with kids.

Finally, if you decided that you will be invest one time then this product suitable for you and buy now. Good design, easy install and easy fold carry around. I wish that if you lot of member will be go then you will be perfect for you because it is long lasting and suitable for you.

Coleman Red Canyon Tent 8 Person Review

Here, this tent does the job of getting family and friends into the outdoors. It does that with panache and style. It breaks down into three rooms for privacy.

It will hold two families and their gear. It has a weather cover that keeps out the water and holds up if the wind kicks up. The tent ventilates well.

The shock cord tie downs hold everything securely in place. There is lots of room for adults. With the partitions open, the kids can have fun if it rains. During a storm, everyone stays snug and dry inside.​


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Nice little tent if you want to go out on the cheap and the tent market. It gets the job done with a minimum of muss and Foss. However, the tent that is pictured in the Amazon ad is of an earlier version of this tent and not the one that you may receive from Amazon. So, when it arrives to check it carefully against the ad and ensure what you think you bought is what you receive.​

​Having said that if you received the less endowed version of the tent it still will provide adequate protection and comfort but it will just have less of the frills and some of the features that the original tent used to have.

Another thing you might want to keep in mind that before you go out camping is that you should always seal the tent seams yourself to ensure water integrity.

Features of the Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent

Going out on a camping trip can be a hassle unless you have the right equipment to make things fast and easy. Coleman provides just that in their Red Canyon tent.

Room for Eight

This is a tent designed especially for groups whether a group of friends who want to get in a weekend of fishing or Two-three families who want to enjoy time in the great outdoors together

Holds All Your Gear

You have enough room to not only take the kids and the dog. But, you can take all the essentials along too. This convenient as you don’t have to keep schlepping to your vehicle to bring back food, clothing, and your kid’s toys they can’t live without.



Covers the tent and provides an awning at the sides. This seals the top and sides against wind and rain. Take it off and with some extra poles can be used as a sun canopy for the kids to play under or for you to get in a nap or some reading in the shade.


The tent has a divider that in effect to create three separate apartments. You can open it to get the air, mingle with everyone, and socialize. At night, your privacy is assured while you sleep.

Setting up the Tent is Fast and Easy

One person can set it up in around 30 minutes or with two half that. Set the guy ropes and raise the poles. It then pops into place and is secured from gusts and sudden rain.


WeatherTech is a method Coleman uses to keep you dry and water from getting inside the tent where everyone is sleeping should sudden rain hit.


When you are average height it’s nice to be able to stand upright in a tent instead of crawling on hands and knees. This tent lets a person 5′ 9″ do it in the center compartment with ease.

Priced Just Right

This costs a little more than a 4 person tent and you get the advantage of having enough space to lie out without getting an elbow in the eye or not having enough space to keep your gear out of the rain.


  • Weather resistant feature.
  • Easy to install or set-up.
  • This tent is waterproof and affordable.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • Single Door so some member felt the ventilation to be a problem.
  • This tent is not 100% waterproof, so can’t use it for long rainy seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Question: can you get an air mattress or two inside the tent?

Answer: you can fit a Queen, a full, and a twin inside but there’s not a lot of walking room afterward.

Question: Is this a tent that needs one or two people to set up?

Answer: one person can set it up if they are experienced enough. However, for the newbie, it’s probably better to use two people while one reads the instructor the other can follow them.

Question: Does the rain fly come as part of the deal?

Answer: The rain fly comes as part of the complete 10 along with a zipper bag that holds everything and has the instructions sewn on to make it easy to assemble.

Feature at a Glance:

  • Easy set-up with separate bag for tents, stakes.
  • Measuring 17 by 10 feet with center height of inches.
  • Create three separate rooms.
  • Can accommodate 8 campers.
  • Cool-Airport and venting system allow you to adjust airflow and access gear.
  • Allow for privacy for everyone in the camping trip.

Final Verdict

Coleman has been part everyone’s camping memories for years. This 8 person red canyon tent because its size and versatility give it two thumbs up by this reviewer. Coleman has provided a great tent for your outdoor excitement and fun.

The 8 person Red Canyon tent will give you many hours of fun in the great outdoors under the blue sky. It keeps out the elements. It lets you have nights of trouble-free sleep. You have privacy if you are with friends on a weekend getaway.

The size of this tent makes it ideal for two or more couples to go out and enjoy a forest preserve or a week at any venue you’d care to name.

It doesn’t matter whether this is an inexpensive tent or one that you spend $1000 on this is a piece of advice that has worked for 30 years of camping. Another thing to be cognizant of is zippers. Again, it does not matter whether you have bought an expensive tent or in any or a mega mart special.

Zippers are the highest failure rate item of any tent that’s on the market today. This reviewer always has his tabs replaced prior to going out the first time with the new tent to prevent any mishaps.

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