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Best Crankbait Rod

  There are differences between crankbait and baitcasting rods that may spell the difference between catching a good-size fish and losing it. The best crainkbait rod can reach greater distance. They also accommodate bigger and heavier lures. In other words, baitcasting rods are effective for certain situations, but using crankbaits if you want bigger fishes is […]

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Best Travel Fishing Rod

Packing up my often normal yet bulky rod when I travel is a struggle I expect a lot, at least, when I’m always on the lookout for fishing opportunities. This dilemma is shared by almost every angler out there. Thankfully, that can all be remedied when one knows how to find the best traveling fishing […]

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Best Baitcaster Combo

Whether you’re using it for greater control, the minimization of tangles, or for a beefed-up performance with a heavier line; it isn’t unfounded today as to why baitcaster combo is very much preferred. But as it goes, choosing the best baitcaster combo is less intricate than it should be which is why we’re developing this post just […]

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