Top 9 Best Spinning Reels Review For 2018

The spinning reel is perhaps the most important component of a fishing rod. It is obvious that every angler requires the best spinning reel. To get the best is difficult. You have to choose from the various models on the market. If you fail to get the best, you could regret it. This is because it could easily tangle the fishing line.

Nobody will like this. You require at least two of it. It may be widely available, but the question remains getting the best out of the lot on the market. Some of them are worthless and some do not worth more than a toy. Unless you had previous experience with this kind of product, you could make a grievous mistake.

This guide is to help you make the perfect choice. Information here will assist you to pick the best spinning reel on the market. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced angler, this guide will assist you to choose the best. Keep reading to discover the best reel and know the reasons why you should use them.

Best Spinning Reels – Comparison Tables

Looking For the Best Spinning Reels? Here are Things to Consider:

You do not need to be a technician before you select the best reel for spinning. It is a question of checking the mechanical specifications and ensuring that they are up to your taste before you choose one. Consider the specifications and it is important that some specifications are indispensable, which means that they are more important than others are. Here are the most important factors to consider when you are making your choice.

Drag system

Perhaps the most important factor you have to consider is the drag system. Every spinning reel should offer the best when in terms of the drag system. If you are looking for a large catch, then drag system is indispensable. Smooth drag system is recommended because you can catch any fish without difficulties. If on the hands that your drag system is sticky, it poses a serious danger because it can break your line. Nobody is asking for this kind of experience.

Line capacity

Secondly, you have to consider the line capacity of spool size. Consider the line capacity and go for those that can handle braided line and mono-filament. Different models can boast of different sizes. Usually the line capacity keeps increasing just as you increase the spool size.


Furthermore, the weight of the material is equally important when you are searching for the best of this product. Frame material plays an important role in determining the total weight. Most models on the market are constructed from aluminum, plastic, magnesium, as well as carbon materials and so on.

Most anglers will prefer those made of high quality magnesium and carbon materials, this is because they are low weight. In addition to that, they are more rigid than several other brands out there. In terms of the cost, you have to consider carbon and aluminum materials. These are affordable, and this is the most popular choice for anglers.

Line Recovery

This is important to anglers. The rate of recovery refers to the lines rated in inches which spinning reels can take up on the spool.


Bearings are equally important to the angler. It makes for smooth movement of the spool and the handle. Spinning reels with four to five bearings are good.

Anti reverse

Anti reverse is equally important when you are making your choice. The necessity of this feature is that it ensures that the reel does not unwind when you do not want it.


Something was said about the reel size. Using this tool can be frustrating when you do not use the correct size. Usually the reel size is determined by the rod size. Most people prefer ten pounds line because of the quality in terms of the strength as well as the diameter. The best sizes you can use include 8, 6, and 10 as suggested earlier.


Reviews of the Best Spinning Reels:


Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel is our top recommendation. It has all the great qualities anglers are looking out for. The reel is very durable and attractive. In terms of smoothness, this reel offers the best. This is expected as it uses HT-100 carbon fiber washers.

You can count on it to catch the biggest fish in water. It features a full metal body slide plate; this is why it can catch any size of fish. In addition to that, it is solidly constructed with a metal body. This formed the side plate. Moreover, its rotor construction ensures precision when you fish with it.

Another important feature is the five sealed stainless steel bearing. It equally uses an instant anti reverse bearing system. It relies of its heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, as well as line capacity rings and other interesting features to ensure you have a fishing success.

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Why You Should Use This Spinning Reel:

Durable –

You have seen the positive features of this product. Many anglers prefer it for a number of reasons. One of them is the issue of durability. It is very strong. It is considered a high range real and this makes it the perfect choice for saltwater game fish.

Another factor that makes it durable is the full metal body construction, as well as heavy-duty aluminum bail and the rotor.

Smooth Drag –

Another thing that makes it wonderful is the smooth dragging. It features HT-100 carbon fiber drag system. This makes for a very powerful and smooth drag.

Pros –

  • It does not possess any corrosive metal, and is composed a few plastic component.
  • Very well constructed and very solid.
  • Very easy to use, it is easy to assemble and disassemble when you want.
  • Superior quality reels and affordable.

Cons –

  • Some of the parts can be finicky.

In all, this is the type of model many people are looking out for. It has all the features expected of a good quality spinning reels. The model is recommended for those looking for the best.


This is a superior quality spinning reel and a company, which is known over the years for superior quality fishing gears, produces it. When compared to similar products out there, this brand has higher line capabilities. It is one of the newest models on the market and it features quick fire 11. This is an advantage as it makes for an easy catch. Every angler will like the product because of this singular feature.

Moreover, the reel is a one handed cast and uses AB bearing system. The benefit of this feature is that it makes for smooth fishing experience. There are other great features that set it apart from several others out there such as the power roller 111, propulsion line management system, variable speed oscillation, quick fire two one handed casting method, shielded stainless steel bearings. The frame is lightweight as it is designed with graphite material. Other great features include the cold aluminum spool, as well as side plated rotor and so on. It is easy to handle as it features rubber handle grips and so on.

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It Has Other Great Features:

Durable –

One thing great with this product is the durability. It is designed with the finest quality materials and this accounts for the durability.

Affordable –

Another important attribute includes the affordability. Many people will think that because of the great features that you will empty your account to buy it. This is far from that, the spinning reel is affordable and rated very high.

Ergonomic design –

The product is easy to handle because of the ergonomic design. You are not going to find it hard to use the reel because of the convenient handle shank.

User-Friendly –

Most importantly, this reel is user-friendly. Even though it is sold at low price, it still offers Line Management System. You will like it for its spool lip, cam, fantastic roller, bail wire as well as bail trip and so on. With these great features, you can cover more distances at low or little resistance.

Pros –

  • It is smooth and convenient to use.
  • The reel is reliable because it sturdily constructed, and because of that, it can catch big fish.
  • It features rear drag adjustment lever as well as quick fire trigger, this makes for easy adjustment.
  • Easy to use as the spool is not difficult to remove.

Cons –

  • Some users complain that it does not offer more line.

Despite this minor shortcoming, the spinning reel remains the best of its kind on the market today. If you are looking for the best, you should opt for it.


This is another unique spinning reel from Shimano. This model has an edge over similar models and sizes because it focuses on modern technology known as Hagane. This simply means that you are with the strongest, most reliable as well as the most durable and robustly constructed spinning reel. In short, the strong construction makes it the most preferable gear in the fishing market today. Because the product is made from the finest and latest technology available in the industry, you are going to enjoy using it for a long time.

The body is composed of superior quality metal body. This makes it beautifully constructed and very rigid. Moreover, when you use it, you will enjoy the fair weight distribution. The inside of the gear is strong as well. Moreover, its interior is very well protected. It features a sleek and GFree body. This makes for a better weight balance. Because the weight is balanced, you can hardly feel any fatigue when you begin to use it.

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Here are the other great features that stand this reel out:

Metal “HAGANE” Body –

The body is composed of metal aluminum elements. This makes it extremely rigid. This equally makes the spinning reel to be more resistant and that is why it can always deliver and reduce flexing when you use the product.

X-Ship Technology –

Furthermore, it was designed with X-ship technology. It has bearing on its end, especially the pinion gear is streamlined with the drive gear. This makes it very durable. Most importantly, it could easily remove friction that can arise between gears.

Bearings –

Moreover, the product features SA-RB bearings and this feature shields its two sides to stop sand and salt from interrupting the smooth rotation of the reel.

Dyna Balance –

Perhaps the greatest thing you like in this product is the Dyna-Balance technology. This ensures that the rooter is counterbalanced. This helps prevent vibration and enhances the smoothness of the system.

Pros –

  • It features an excellent line management.
  • Superior casting.
  • Spins at a very great power.
  • It ensures smooth dragging.

Cons –

  • The retrieval rates are higher than normal

Despite the minor shortcoming, this spinning reels remains the best buy on the market today. You can see from the features that it is very strong, durable and highly reliable. It is good for the beginner and experienced angler.


Okuma Avenger is regarded as the bait feeder reel. It is obvious from the features and high-end performance that a lot of research was put in before it was produced. It is a culmination of more than a decade of research. It works in a great and amazing way and it really revolutionized the reel-spinning world.

It spins smoothly and works well and it is certain that it is a precision spinning reel. The machine spools are lightweight. The implication of this is that you will find it easy to use the product.

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It Has Other Great Features.

Bearings –

When you are looking for the best spinning reels, one of the key features to consider includes the ball bearings. It has at least six sealed bearing system. This makes for a smooth operation.

Easy to use –

Moreover, it is designed in such a way that you find it really easy to use the system. The lever is simple to use and this is situated just behind the handle. This means that you can easily reach it when you want.

It has a fantastic bait feeding system. Because of this, fish will easily pick the bait, and this surely makes for an easy catch.

Quality –

In terms of quality and construction, this model is considered one of the best on the market. Apart from the fact that it is affordable, it performs very well and better than similar models out there.

Pros –

  • It is easy to use as you can easily release the line without opening its bail arm.
  • The reel is great for those who want to make wonderful catches.
  • It is good for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
  • Aluminum and its stainless steel properties ensure that you can fish in saltwater with ease.

Cons –

  • It can occasionally break because of its maximum drag.

It is certain that this spinning reel is a high-end brand and it is recommended for those who want to fish in all kinds of water.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, you need the best performing spinning reel. This is exactly what you get when you begin to use Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel. This can always deliver smooth and extreme drag. This makes it the perfect choice for all angler categories. It has wonderful features that put it ahead of several other similar products out there.

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Highlight Features:

Smooth Spinning –

One of the factors that make a good spinning reel is the smoothness. When you use this model, you are certain of smooth operation. This is because it features nine stainless steel ball bearings, as well as anti reverse bearing. This is good because it makes for a better crank control.

Quality –

Another thing that sets it apart is the superior quality materials used to make it. It is highly durable as you can tell from the best quality aircraft grade aluminum handle, superior quality rotor and graphite body. To ensure that it promptly responds it was designed with graphite body.

Lightweight –

Apart from the fact that this product is highly durable, it is also very light. This is possible because of the graphite body. It is user friendly and many anglers rate it high for this.

Pros –

  • This is a superior quality reels, and one of the smoothest.
  • The model is highly affordable.
  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • You can use it for pan-fish and bass fishing.

Cons –

  • If you do not use with extreme care, it could easily break.

In all, this model is a great spinning reel for anglers. Whether you are a novice or professional, you get real value for your money. It is highly affordable.


Smoothness and reliability are the other names for this great product. It is highly reliable and versatile. This is the best model and it is lighter than all those models before it produced by the same company. It is designed to offer you leverage for any size of fish you want to catch and pull.

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It has great features that make it the most useful spinning reel for anglers.

Versatile –

The spinning reel is versatile. The implication of this is that you can use it in different kinds of situations and in different kinds of water. It is not difficult to cast.

Lightweight –

Another great feature is the fact that this model is very light. You do not find it difficult to cast as well as pull your catches.

Durable construction –

The reel is designed with the best carbon body. This means that you can use it for many years to come.

Pros –

  • It is durable and this is evidence that it can serve you for many years to come.
  • Secondly, the reel is very efficient; it is designed in such a way that you use it with ease.
  • Moreover, it is a versatile spinning reel. It is good for all sizes and kinds of fish.
  • It features carbon matrix drag system this improves its performance.

Cons –

  • Sometimes it looks unsightly because of minor discolorations at the handle.

In all, everything about this spinning reel is tailored for your efficient and effective performance. It is good for kinds and fish sizes.


Shimano is always a brand to beat and one of the best models introduced to the fishing world is this Shimano Stradic C14 spinning fishing reel. It looks great and very attractive. It has fantastic features that make it outstanding.

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Highlight Features:

Beautiful Design –

One of the most important attributes of this spinning reel is the striking look. It is evident that the makers ensured that it is very attractive.

Lightweight –

Another interesting attribute is the weight. The model is lightweight. You can use it to catch different fish sizes without troubles.

Smooth –

Another great feature is the fact that it is very smooth to use the spinning reel. You can use it without difficulties and this is one of the most outstanding attributes.

Durable –

It is obvious from the quality of materials used to construct it that this spinning reel is meant to last the users for a very long time.

Pros –

  • One of the key benefits is the lightweight.
  • It is durable because it is designed using the best materials.
  • It is easy to use as it can be used by beginner and experienced anglers.
  • It is very attractive.

Cons –

  • It is expensive as the price is higher than other models out there.

It is obvious that this is one of the best spinning reels; you have real value for your money. It is greatly recommended.


It is a great quality-spinning reel and it is designed with aluminum lip and graphite arbor. Moreover, it consists of graphic hybrid body as well as crossover aluminum. It is obvious from the design feature that this reel has superior properties and this makes it a perfect choice for anglers.

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Highlight Features:

Cross-over Design –

It features both a cross over design as well as a spool, this is in addition to the dual graphite side plates. It equally has the aluminum stem.

Anti-corrosion –

Furthermore, this spinning reel is designed with anti corrosion materials. This implies that it can serve you for a long time. Even though it is constantly exposed to water, it will not suffer from corrosion.

Double Drag System –

It features a multi disc oiled Japanese drag washer. This increases the dragging force. Because of that, you can fish with great convenience.

It features a rotor material, which is designed from the finest quality hybrid materials. The reel works at the fastest speed and it remains, the best for experienced and beginner users.

Pros –

  • The cross over design makes for an efficient use.
  • Lightweight and this makes it convenient to use as well.
  • Moreover, it is versatile, and you can use it to fish in different waters and it can catch different fish sizes.
  • It is corrosion free.

Cons –

  • Poor quality construction

This is a minor issue because it depends on how one rates a product. It is apparent that you are dealing with the finest quality spinning reels and it is recommended for those looking for the best.


When it comes to the manufacture of superior quality spinning reel, Pflueger Supreme XT is one of the best. It features a ten-bearing system and it is corrosion resistant because it is designed with stainless steel ball bearings. In addition to that, it is designed with magnesium body and it is composed of a rotor.

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It has other great features that set it apart which include:

Design –

It is designed with the finest quality magnesium body as well as a rotor. Moreover, it is lightweight and this means that you will not find it hard to use.

Durable –

This is because it is sealed with a carbon drag. This makes the body to be smooth as well as lubricated.

Easily Cleaned –

These reels can be easily cleaned. Use a clean piece of cloth and fress water to clean the reel, removing of dust, dirt, ugly marks.

Pros –

  • It is lightweight.
  • Anti reverse spinning reel.
  • Sealed and smooth drag system.
  • Composed of aluminum spool

Cons –

  • The spool has portholes and this easily attracts grime and dirt.

In all, this is one of the best spinning reels. It is not surprising that it makes our list. If you want to have a wonderful fishing experience, you can always use this.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best spinning reels you can buy with money. You can see from the features of these products that satisfy buying guides earlier explained above. With this review, you will no longer find it hard to select the best spinning reels. It does not matter whether you were experienced or you were just a beginner, these products have everything you want.

They are simply the best and when you use it, you will have real value for your money. Even novice buyers can follow the guides provided here to choose the best reel for their fishing lifestyle.

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