Best Hiking Boots Under $100 Review and Guide

Hiking has become a very popular activity in the United States and many other parts of the world. Apart from being a major health booster, you get a chance to see the world like you have never done. I didn’t understand this feeling until I took a walk on the Southern Teton in Wyoming. The experience is not only breathtaking but also gives you a sense of adventure.

As amazing as hiking is, your hiking can go really bad if you don’t have the right boots. This is why I am reviewing the best hiking boots under 100. This should help you make a choice the next time you go shopping for your hiking gears.

Best hiking boots Under $100 For Men


Best Hiking Boots Under $100 For Women


Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Best Hiking Boots

It is very easy to go wrong with shopping. Many of us have fallen victim of paying for items we couldn’t even use. Picking a pair of hiking boots is not something you should do randomly. In fact, the tough demands of hiking require boots that are up to the task. Otherwise, you can have a very terrible experience, maybe even dangerous, when you go hiking. There are certain factors you should consider when you want to buy hiking boots. They include;


Hiking usually involves walking up mountains and trekking down hills. The terrains are usually very tough and rocky. It is important to get hiking boots that are durable enough to give you the balance and stability you need. Apart from these, durable boots will also give great protection to your feet. Plus, when you get tough boots, they tend to last longer than regular substandard boots. So you don’t have to keep replacing your boots every summer.


I’m not sure there’s anyone who would want to compromise comfort for anything. This is especially true for hiking. If it is not comfortable, you should stay off. It would be a disastrous hiking experience for you if your boots don’t let you walk properly.

Whatever it is, walking over miles with even the slightest discomfort does not deserve your money. The boots should have the right sole that will not cause a slip. Also, it is best to have a lightweight pair of boots that you can wear and crush through climes and miles anytime you want.


Hiking is not the same thing as swimming, even though sometimes you might need to cross over little streams or hike close to waterfalls. Hiking does take us to heights and climes where the temperature could be humid. Other times, it could require that you walk across a shallow pond. Or it could be that it just begins to rain when you’ve gone too far off. Some of the best hiking boots have rubber soles which are water resistant to keep your feet dry. It is usually uncomfortable when your feet get wet in your boots.


Accidents do happen during hiking. We do our best to avoid them, but they do. Even when they don’t, your feet can get sore from all that trekking. I have already explained why you need durable boots to protect your feet from injury. It is equally important to get boots that feature protective screen collars and rise high above your ankles to protect them from harm. Some of the best hiking boots feature this padded collar that is made of tough, impact-resistant materials.


The point of having several options to choose from is to be able to make the best choice. An important part of making that choice is the price. Competition on the market means that you can get similar products at different prices. It is wrong to think that only the most expensive hiking boots are the best boots on the market. Actually, it’s a better deal when you can get the best quality boots at the lowest price possible. As you already know, the hiking boots I have selected for review are all the best hiking boots under $100.

Best Hiking Boots Under 100 Review

Top 5 Best Hiking Boots For Men

I have also taken the time to categorize the best hiking boots into those for men and those for women. While some boots are for both sexes, there are some others that are specific to a particular sex. The top 5 best hiking boots for men are;

1. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot


Built from full-grain waterproof leather, with an efficient rubber lug sole, these boots are designed for comfort and efficiency. But that’s not all.

The Timberland brand has been known for uncompromising class over the years, and this is just an added statement to that reputation. This pair of boots is sure to give you the right stability and comfort you desire for your next hiking trip.

The Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof model is true to its name, giving you complete dryness and long-lasting satisfaction.

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Highlight Feature

  • The upper is made of quality leather and textile materials.
  • The boots also feature a rubber sole.
  • Padded collar provides cover for your ankle area.
  • The finish features a lace-up vamp and a pull loop at the rear.
  • The dual-density EVA footbed is removable from inside the boots.


  • Waterproof leather to keep your feet dry at all times.
  • It is sturdy enough to withstand environmentally-induced wear and tear. 
  • Added convenience.
  • Ankle protected.
  • Comfortable.


  • Some users have complained about boots sole detaching after a while.
  • There is also an issue with the size, as it can feel a bit too narrow.

2. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot


Merrell men’s moab ventilator mid hiking boot is the combination of quality, performance, and heritage. It doesn’t only protect your feet from external harm but contains antimicrobial agents that prevent the reproduction of odor.

This is done by the M Select Fresh feature which prevents sweat and moisture from staying within your boots, therefore, keeping your feet dry. But dryness isn’t the only pleasure you deserve, your feet stay fresh too all day long. This is superior quality built with class and great style

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Highlight Feature

  • Sole is made of synthetic material.
  • Upper is made from leather and textile.
  • Features Vibram™ Multi-Sport Plus™ rubber toe bumper and rear counter.
  • The boots also contain a 6.6 injection-molded anatomical footbed for feet support.
  • Upper Leather is designed to contain lots of breathable ventilator mesh to allow air in.


  • The moisture-wicking mesh lining keeps the feet dry all day long.
  • The rubber toe bumper in front and the rear counter are featured to protect the feet from tough impact.


  • Toe bumper may unglue with time.
  • Complaints of the tongue on both boots being too short.

3. Vasque Men’s Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot


The orange impressions on this one give it a unique exterior look that is both classy and attractive. Add this feature to its lightweight, toughness and breathable quality, and what you have is a heavy-duty pair of shoes that you can never go wrong with.

The Vasque brand already has a beautiful reputation on the market, with an immense crop of loyal customers. If you want to know why they stay, you should give this a try.

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Highlight Feature

  • It has a synthetic rubber sole.
  • The upper is made of fine leather.
  • The air mesh panels are abrasion-resistant.
  • Reflective piping is another important feature of this one.
  • The boot has measurements including heel (1.25”), shaft (6”), platform (0.75”), and boot opening circumference (12”).


  • Rubber toe cap prevents the toes from harm.
  • Water-resistant.
  • EVA Footbed has the dual density for extra comfort and endurance.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Might slip on a polished surface.
  • It is not waterproof so feet could get wet.

4. New Balance Men’s MT410V5 Trail-Running Shoe


New Balance shoes are built to fit. They also provide great support for speed, making them more suitable for athletes wishing to perform better. With the look and feel of a sports shoe, this product offers great comfort and convenience, even when you run through trails.

So while you watch your steps using other boots, you can glide through terrains in these ones with reckless abandon. You’re sure to run steady and comfortable using these boots.

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Highlight Feature

  • The upper is made of synthetic material.
  • Beautifully-structured rubber sole.
  • Padded tongue for extra feet support.
  • The midsole is made from IMEVA foam.
  • Features a brand Logo-lace keeper.


  • Great exterior design.
  • Comfortable.It is budget friendly.
  • Suitable for running and speed-walking.
  • The feet are treated to a soothing anatomical feeling by the XLT footbed.


  • It’s a pair of low shoes without ankle protection.
  • Sizing can be a problem too.

5. Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boots


The first thing I noticed about the Keen Men’s Targhee 2 hiking boots is the sturdy look. It simply looks and feels like nothing can go through them.

Quality Nubuck leather combines with hydrophobic mesh lining to give you great durability and comfort while keeping your feet dry and fresh all day long.

If you want a perfect replacement for those shoes that you can’t wait to get rid of, the Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boots are worth your consideration.

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Highlight Feature

  • 4mm multi-directional lugs
  • Waterproof upper and sole for dryness.
  • Contoured heel lock for an enhanced fit.
  • Made in the United States.


  • Mid-cut height provides great therapeutic ankle support.
  • Keeps water out due to leather upper and mesh lining designs.
  • Guaranteed torsional stability with ESS Shank.
  • Air-flow is also made possible by the mesh lining.
  • Provides great comfort for your feet as well as ankle.


  • There are concerns about the quality of the shoes.
  • Parts might begin to separate over time.

Top 5 best hiking boots for women

As a female hiker, you should get all the hiking support you deserve. Just know that you can be classy and safe at the same time. These hiking boots review will help you make the right choice for the boots you need.

1. Keen Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boots


The fact that you want to go hiking doesn’t mean you should lose your style. Just like the men’s Targhee hiking boots, the attention of this one is on safety, durability, and comfort. However, there’s an added cheeky feeling to this one, so it is more appealing and helps you maintain your femininity. That doesn’t mean you won’t get the strength and durability you require.

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Highlight Feature

  • Waterproof Nubuck leather upper and breathable mesh lining.
  • It features a quality rubber sole.
  • 4mm multi-directional lugs for traction support.
  • Beautiful and strong lace housing.


  • Suitable for all outdoor adventures, including hiking.
  • Mid-cut height for ankle support to keep you going all day long.
  • Sturdy lugs bite hard into the terrain for excellent traction and balance
  • Your feet stay dry and fresh throughout.
  • The boots are very rugged and durable.


  • You’re advised to order ½ size up if you want it to fit.
  • Seams might allow water in if worn in the rain for long.

2. Keen Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe


Keen is, perhaps, becoming one of the most trusted names when it comes to women’s hiking shoes. They just tend to have everything considered and taken care of. Waterproof finish combines with durable sole and nubuck quality leather to give you everything your feet needs for all outdoor challenges. It’s great to be out with Keen Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes.

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Highlight Feature

  • 4mm multi-directional, built-in lugs.
  • Removable footbed included.
  • Included Torsional-stability ESS Shank in the middle of the sole.
  • It has a breathable waterproof mesh liner.
  • Impact-resistant S3 Heel Support system.


  • The S3 Support structure gives shock, suspension, and stability upon impact.
  • Waterproof design means your feet stay dry at all times.
  • The exterior design is sporty and sleek; beautiful to look at.
  • Controls odor naturally with its Cleansport NXT™ feature.
  • Suitable for all outdoor purposes.


  • Does not have ankle support.
  • Might contain too much room within.

3. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot


If you’re a woman and you love to hike, this is one pair of boots that was actually built with your taste in mind. The sleek exterior design is very eye-catching, giving you a chicky feel even when you’re doing something as physical as hiking. So, step out in style and conquer trails feeling as good as ever in this uniquely-designed boots. There’s actually no better way to hike.

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Highlight Feature

  • Vibrant color combination.
  • Numentum technology to support foot’s natural biomechanics.
  • Gusseted tongue is padded for support.
  • Includes stability heel clip and rubber toe protector.
  • The pull-on loop attached to the padded collar.


  • Padded collar gives maximum protection to your ankle area.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Great ankle support for efficient and stable stride.
  • Self-cleaning lugs for added convenience.
  • Secure lace-up vamp provides a great fit for your feet.


  • Ankle stitching might hurt.
  • Suitable for narrow feet.

4. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot


Columbia’s all-weather friendly Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot gives you complete satisfaction any time of the day. With protection from early morning due, showers or heavy downpour, and enough airflow keeping your feet fresh during the hottest of summers, this is just what you need any time of the year, for any kind of weather. Nothing should stop you anymore.

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Highlight Feature

  • Breathable mesh for interior ventilation.
  • Made from leather and synthetic materials.
  • Features a durable rubber sole.
  • Triangular D-ring with clamshell lacing.
  • Lugged outsole has an Omni-grip feature.


  • The boots cling firmly to different terrains, giving you balance.
  • Your feet stay dry always.
  • The boots are also water and stain resistant, ensuring they stay clean and dry.
  • High ankle design for protecting the achilles tendon.


  • Might hurt your toes if you have large feet.
  • Generally, hard interiors might cause pain or sore foot.

5. Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot Copper


For all-round protection and convenience, this pair of boots has been true to its name since it was first launched. These 4-pound women’s hiking boots are, perhaps, one of the most rugged brands on the market. They have been tested and proven to be the preferred endurance rider’s boots even when you want to go for the long haul. You can power up and complete great miles in no time, even as the Waterproof Pro™ keeps feet dry even when it’s pouring heavily.

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Highlight Feature

  • Waterproof Pro™ feature to keep water out.  ATS™ footbeds for foot support.
  • Featured Duratread™ outsoles for tight grip.
  • Durable Leather upper and rubber sole.
  • Moisture-wicking lining to dry up the foot.


  • The boots keep your feet dry.
  • High, padded collar for ankle protection.
  • Moisture-wicking lining for extra dryness.
  • to size and comfortable too.


  • Not built for slippery surfaces.
  • Doesn’t allow airflow.

What socks to wear to hiking?

If you want to have a good hiking experience, it is necessary that you approach it with high-quality hiking socks. If you get good socks, you are going to enjoy the long-term benefits, which include removing or wicking moisture away from your feet, and this makes your hiking to be very enjoyable.

Furthermore, it can have a good cushioning effect on your feet and can prevent blisters. Most importantly, a good sock will ensure your feet remain warm, especially when you are hiking in an unfriendly weather like winter. It can facilitate boot fit and can reduce those blisters caused by friction and so on.

When you are looking for the best hiking socks, here are some important features that can assist you to make that correct choice.

Ensure that the socks you want to use for your hiking are not cotton socks. This is because when it absorbs moisture, it can take a long time before it dries. You can also choose socks made of wool materials. This helps you stay warm and take moisture away from your feet. It can be expensive, but it is worth it. If you sweat a lot during hiking, then you can consider synthetic socks. This is better because it can treat sweat or moisture more than other fibers.

In addition, use thicker socks because they are more durable. Most importantly, it has to fit you very well, and this means that it must never snug when you wear it.

What is better for Hiking? Boots vs. Trail Runners vs. Approach Shoes 

There are different kinds of hiking boots, and the most important ones amongst them are trail running shoes, hiking boots as well as approach boots.

Trail running shoes

These shoes are meant for running on different terrain. You can run comfortably on uneven surfaces, dirt trails, and so on. It appears that the product is not meant initially for hiking. However, because of the design, many hikers are now addicted to the running shoes. With the product, you can run fast and you can run faster within the shortest time.

Most importantly, this product is breathable and consists of nylon uppers and lightweight and so on.

The boot is more versatile because of the waterproofed materials. The weight equally makes it more useful than several others. It does not weigh more than 10 ounces, and it is less weighty than other hiking shoes around. Most importantly, they are more comfortable to wear. It does not require any support before you begin to use it.

The hiking boots are perfect for trail running, backpacking, lightweight, as well as a short day hike and so on. It is equally good for the easy terrain.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are equally great. It can always provide a balance between burlier hiking boots, as well as lighter trail running shoes and so on. These shoes feature an aggressive tread, just the type available in trail boots. The shoes are more durable, sturdy, and they are heavier. They also have burly toecap and this makes for durability and extra protection.

There are different models in the market and the most recent models are waterproof. There are non-waterproofed options as well. You can use any of the options available, but that depends on the climate or the environment you want to hike in. If it is waterproofed, it could increase the weight and it can affect the breath ability. However, it will make it more versatile.

The boots are used for hiking, day hikes as well as moderate backpacking and long-distance hiking and backpacking.

Approach boots

This is almost the same thing with trail and hiking shoes. It consists of the sticky rubber sole, as well as a rubber toe rand. If you want to engage in mounting climbing, you can always use this product. It can equally be used for rock off surfaces and rocky peaks. Other brands such as hiking and trail boots can be used for the same purpose approach shoes are used for. It is better to use the boot for the purpose it is meant for.

The boots are meant for climbing approaches, moderate climbing, as well as peak bagging.

Final Verdict

As exciting as hiking can be, using the wrong set of boots makes it a frustrating activity. If you want your day out to be fun, comfortable and positively memorable, you should pick one of these boots. Depending on your preference, any of these will give you great value for the budget price you pay.

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