Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

People today are giving up going to the Bahamas traveling to nice, and even going to Disney world. Instead, they are strapping on backpacks and journeying out of their homes into the many national forests, mountain areas, and hiking across the country.So your need to best cold weather sleeping beg.

This may be attributed to many reasons. One being, getting back to nature and in touch with one’s inner self, a more likely reason is that it is less expensive than going to a theme park, foreign country, and just fed up with the crowds and congestion of any of the venues that you see advertised on TV today.

However, in order to do this, you need a proper best cold weather sleeping bag.

We have gone to the net and Amazon and garnered together five of the best cold weather sleeping bag that are priced to fit almost anyone’s budget.

First, you should think before selecting a sleeping bag about some things.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

What Season Camper Are You?

When buying a sleeping bag, make sure that is the type of season you plan to camp in. You can get sleeping bags in summer, spring, and fall seasons types. A combination bag, which is called a three-season bag, is the preferred bag for all around camping used by most people.

This bag is good for a temperature range of 20 and 30°F. For colder climes and in winter you want something that’s designed to handle subzero down to at least -18°F.


This is one of the key ingredients to any good sleeping bag. You have a choice today of down and synthetics. Down has the advantage of compressibility, which allows it to pack smaller than many of its synthetic siblings.

However, some of the new synthetics are better for their insulating qualities and ease with which they can be cleaned.

You want to get an insulation value of between 600 and 900 if you’re going to be out and whether that dips below 30°F.


There are two types of bags that are commonly used today for sleeping bags. The first and most efficient from a heat conservation viewpoint is the mummy bag, which totally encloses the body and the head. Over 30 to 40% of all body heat is lost from the head region under normal circumstances.

So, enclosing the head and neck conserves energy and prevents heat loss especially in subzero temperatures. The other type of bag is the rectangular bag and is used mostly in sleeping bags that are not expected to drop below 30°F or sub-zero temperatures.

You also might be able to find a combination sleeping bag, which takes into account the size of a rectangular bag coupling that with the head and neck covering of a mummy bag.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags Review

1. Teton Sports Mammoth Double-Wide Sleeping Bag


Weighing only 16 pounds is capable of keeping you warm down to 0°F. This is a great little sleeping bag for anyone who wants to go hiking in places like the Appalachian Trail and along the Pacific Coast Highway.

TETON is a highly rated company and they have been putting out quality sleeping bags for a number of years now, made with the same attention to detail and materials as their Sports Celsius series of sleeping bags.

So, if you want a quality sleeping bag and you are on a budget this is the perfect sleeping bag for you.

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Highlight Features

  • Made from 100% polyester.
  • SuperLoft 4–channel hollow fiber insulation that provides superb warmth for where we are going.
  • When rolled up into its Oxford stuff sack, it only measures 28″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″.
  • The sleeping bag also has a 100% Brushed Poly Flannel Lining.

2. Aektiv Outdoor 15 Degree Mummy Style Sleeping Bag


If you want the ultimate in comfort, you want a mummy bag. Aektiv does the mummy bag up fine with their rendition in a culture compatible, waterproof, and lightweight sleeping bag that lets you sleep comfortably in the spring, summer, and autumn.

This three-season mummy sleeping bag zips up the side and won’t slide off your air mattress or ground cloth. No more synthetics for you, it is filled with genuine Duck down Filling and will keep you snug and warm down to 15°F.

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Highlight Features

  • Lightweight and compact it fits in your backpack inside its compression sack.
  • It compresses down to a minuscule size of only 6 x 7″.
  • It sports an inside pocket that lets you keep your valuables and your cell phone safe from the elements and loss.
  • The bag is filled with real Duck Down feathers.

3. Goretex Improved Modular Sleeping Bag


This is the real deal just like men and women in the service are using right now in out of the way places such as deployment country and all over the world. While the Patrol Bag is rated to 30°F, the Intermediate Bag will keep you warm and comfortable down to -10 below zero.

Made from Gore-Tex this five-piece modular system is just the thing for someone who is serious about camping, survival, and roughing it in the wild.

Easy to carry and goes anywhere in a moment’s notice. This is perfect for SAR and first responders who have to keep a “Go Bag” by the door at all times. So, this is also perfect for the proper once a dependable and quality sleeping system.

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Highlight Features

  • Five pieces including Patrol Bag and Intermediate Bag.
  • Made from Gore-Tex including the Bivy Bag.
  • Intermediate Bag rated to -10°F.
  • Patrol Bag is rated to 30°F.

4. Teton Sports 101R Celsius XXL -18C/0F Sleeping Bag


Now you have a sleeping bag that’s good to -18°C and 0°F this will let you go camping any time of the year and in most places you can find to go camping in the United States today. Made in an extra large size it has enough room for almost anyone.

If you want to go camping and do it, right this is the sleeping bag for you. Twin zippers on both left and right sides make it easy to get into and out of.

Made from 100% polyester material with a flannel poly lining, With the Celsius, you are comfortable and kept warm no matter what time of the year or place you are camping.

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Highlight Features

  • Taffeta shell, which means you can use the sleeping bag for years to come.
  • Weighs only 7 pounds means it fits into your backpack

5. Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag


You might not be planning to sleep along the Brazos River in Texas like this bag’s namesake for the sleeping bag.

But, rest assured you would be as comfortable as in your bed at home while you are out camping and hiking. The bag is designed to handle 20° to 40° easily.

This means you can camp throughout most of the United States during spring, summer, and fall. Here is the bag created for the hiker, camper on a budget, and anyone who just wants to get away from it all for a weekend, out under the blue sky.

Long enough to sleep comfortably the average size person, you’ll never have to worry about the zipper catching and trapping you inside the bag.

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Highlight Features

  • Polyester cover and 100% polyester fill.
  • Fiberlock instruction keep your sleeping bag’s insulation from shifting and bunching.
  • No-Snag zippers open and close smoothly

Final Verdict

There you have it five of the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags can find on the Internet and Amazon today. Now all you have to do is select the right one that fits your camping and outdoor activities.

From that it’s easy to just click on the link we have provided and in a few days Amazon will have your new sleeping bag at your doorstep and then you can to go out and enjoy nature’s bounty and get away from it all to enjoy the cold weather that is soon coming.

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