Best Camping Cooler Review And Buying Guide

Going out for a great camping trip, you need something cool to drink. But, the problem is keeping your beverages at the right temperature for drinking. Today we have 5 best camping coolers that let you take the fun anywhere with you.

In some cases, in almost limitless quantities. That means whether you are going out with a few friends or you have to be watch over a horde of kids, sports fanatics, and at family reunions near the campfire or portable grill.

However, before we go into the features of these let’s look and some things you want to think about before buying.

Best Camping Cooler

Things To Consider You Need To Look For In Portable Coolers

First, a cooler needs to be leak proof. In this way, you don’t lose the cooling power of the ice and make a mess of your vehicle or the venue where you set it down.

Next, the hinges and latches are sturdy. You want to use your cooler for a number of years and not only for a single summer of fun and then toss it into the garage to sit never to be used again.

Insulation that keeps the cool in, That way you drinks stay cold and for an extended period of time.

Handles, carry straps and pull handles all must be ergonomic and are comfortable in your hand while you move your cooler from home to picnic or party venue.

Finally, it needs to carry the right enough beverages according to the number of people you want to share cooling and delicious beverages with.

Best Camping Cooler Review

1. Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5

Best_Camping _Cooler

When you need a cooler that can really handle crowd this (Coleman 6201A748 100 Quart Xtreme 5) is the cooler you want. This mega-cooler can hold 100 cans of your favorite beverage.

That means you have enough liquid refreshment to handle that week-long fishing trip you’ve always wanted to take into USA & Canada.

It is also great for a visit to any outdoor venue for a family reunion. Just think or it, this cooler will handle everyone’s favorite drink up to six entire cases worth.

With all its capacity, it will hold each and every one of them cool and iced for 5 days at a time. This is a welcome relief to the outdoor chef who has to take time away from a camp’s hot grill to make a drink run.

One you have loaded this cooler you can forget about it and focus on getting those burgers, dogs, and ribs done to perfection.​

But, if you are worried about getting the drinks to the venue of choice, Don’t the Coleman Extreme 5 has heavy duty wheels and that lets it move over most surfaces easily.

It also has a handy pull handle with two wheel, which makes it a great wheeled cooler & it will follow you like and obedient pet and deliver cool refreshing drinks any time you have the need.

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Highlight Features

  • 2-way handles for easy carrying and moving.
  • It also has a handy pull handle.
  • To keep ice up to five (5) days in temperatures up to 90° F.

2. Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

Best_Camping _Cooler_review

Here is the perfect camping cooler for hitting the beach, camping trip.And also perfect is going on a road trip that may never end.

Taking over from there this iceless beverage chiller uses its magic to keep things down to chilled perfection.

When you have reached your destination, it unplugs, with it’s ergonomically, and comfortable carry handle lets.You walk easily to its final destination and the fun can begin.

​Stop at your local mega-mart, convenience store, and get the cold drinks from their coolers. Put them into yours and away you go for the time of your life. If you like, the 8-foot cord keeps the Igloo cooler working during the festivities.

However, whether you use it solo or hooked up to power, you know you will have enough cool ones for every family member or party guest at any shindig you can put together.

It brings with it 28 quarts of your favorite cold drinks and snacks as well.Your camping trip will come off without a hitch and the right beverage gets to the right person.

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Highlight Feature

  • It plugs into any 12 V receptacle like the cigarette lighter in your car, SUV, and RV.
  • arrow-rightComfortable molded hands for two handed carrying and lifting.
  • arrow-rightThis product is huge (the capacity to hold 32 12 oz.)

3. Polar Bear Coolers 24 Pack Soft Cooler

Best_hiking _Cooler

Here is a unique soft camping cooler that makes sure your cold drinks stay that way. It comes in various colors and they can match your mood and festive spirit.

With a shoulder strap, it goes where you want and it matches with your clothing as well.

When not in use in collapses into an easily packed away size and from the moment. You fill it with ice it expands to hold all your beverages and you can then take it to any venue you care to name with style and panache.

It doesn’t matter if it is a soft drink for the kids or you are taking your favorite brew out to watch the stars, at the park, and a beach.When it is all said and done, you have the drinks, you want, in the quantity you enjoy at just the right temperature.

The Polar Bear wouldn’t let you down as it is made tough and wouldn’t leak or sweat out to muss your clothing as you are walking to your favorite campground or picnic spot.

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Highlight Feature

  • 8 regular sized cans fit inside easily stay at just the right temperature for the best drinking.
  • arrow-rightIt is a very heavy duty nylon material.
  • arrow-rightIt also has a longer, removable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  • arrow-rightIt has two shorter handles that Velcro together at the top.

4. eBags Crew Cooler II

Best_Camping _Cooler

This nifty cooler was made for the airline industry to provide for a few amenities on long distance flights. But, it then caught on with the general public and now in its second generation.

It has a dual opening and expands to carry any extra you might want to add later. It also comes with a separate pocket to hold things like flatware, and napkins.

It has a dual opening and expands to carry any extra you might want to add later. It also comes with a separate pocket to hold things like flatware, and napkins.

​It has an adjustable shoulder strap along with the ability to fit onto your luggage’s pull handle.

This then becomes the perfect picnic bag, lunch holder, and beverage tote.The upper compartment holds your dry items and snacks and the larger lower one hold drinks, food caddies, and storage dishes.

Just pop in a couple of ice packs and then add your beverages, plastic containers, and dry goods.

So, wherever you are going you have everything for a camp-out and one where you don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices for hotel fare.

It also is rugged so that those who work construction can carry enough for a double shift on 2nd Shift or overtime.

Then you have a tasty snack or picnic meal that satisfies, saves you cash in the long run, and gives you a healthy and balanced meal in the bargain.

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Highlight Features

  • It has two zipper pulls for easy use.
  • Zipper mesh pocket in the lid keeps napkins.
  • It is still rather thick given all the insulation.

5. Yeti Tundra Cooler

Best_Camping _Cooler

One of the best, insulated coolers on the market, Designed to beat the competition and it does so without batting an eyelash.

The latches are rugged and unlike those, you get on Igloo or Coleman you have a set that will outlast them.While you’ll be tossing them out the Tundra will be keeping your beverages cool and you with a happy smile on your face.

It is designed for travel and camping in mind as it shaped to be taken on a bass boat or tied down on a speedboat or RV with equal ease. The hinged lid is made to never fail and it has a gasket that when you batten down everything you have an air-seal.

With its superb insulation, your drinks temperature will never waver from the time you put them in until you get to camp, draw one out, and pop the top.

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Highlight Features

  • It has made from roto-molded polyethylene.
  • 2-way handles for easy carrying and moving.
  • The lid locks down tight and you don’t get any heat influx or loss of coldness.

Final Verdict

Having a great time with friends and family depend on the venue, the activities, of course, the cool drinks, and beverages that you drink while enjoying yourself along with friends and family. With the right portable cooler, this becomes child’s play.

You guests or those you meet at an outdoor event can enjoy things much better when a cold drink is in your hand.

The 5 coolers you have seen today ensure that this happens no matter where or when you decide to have a good time. Each keeps everything cold. Some will do double duty as a lunch or dinner carrier that takes for you enough food and drinks to get you through a hard day’s work.

This saves you the high costs of buying drinks downtown as more and more taxes are added to those beverages when you purchase them there. Chicago is a prime example of this.

You also save by buying from your local grocery store and by bringing food in as well you save on the questionable health. Benefits fast food and high prices of eating out at these establishments or carry out. A cooler is worth its weight in gold for all of the above reasons and you have seen five of the best from Amazon today.

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