Top 5 Best 6 Person Tent Review and Buying Guide

Taking time off with friends and family is becoming a necessity to relieve life’s stresses and just getting out of the house for a while.

To do that, you need a tent that a family or two can enjoy time their time out of doors. A tent saves money over the high costs of hotel, motel, and cabin fees.

We have 5 examples of the perfect way to take a home away from home that gives you comfort and keeps you and your stuff out of the elements.

Some enjoy it so much and have used some of the tents we are about to show you as POD living and others use them as offices, workrooms, and playrooms for their kids.

Best 6 Person Tent

Feature Of The Best 6 Person Camping Tents


Choose a tent a bit larger than your needs. This will ensure enough room for people and their stuff as well.

Setup – Teardown

This is the secret to getting the most out of any tent. You should be able to set up in under 5 minutes and teardown should be almost as fast.


When you are roughing it, you still want comfort to go with a few of the amenities of civilization as well. You want to have an access port for electricity for charging and powering personal electronics like Smartphones, Tablets, and handheld gaming machines. With an inverter, you can run small appliances as well.

Weather Resistance

Your tent should be able to hold up under the wind, rain, heat, and a bit of cold as well. For colder climates, you need to order a completely different type of tent. However, for spring, summer, and fall, the tents you can buy online are perfect.


An additional cover over the tent makes sure water and elements stay at bay.

Sun Protection

An awning for the entrance way is always good and provides a shady spot to sit and let the kids play out of the sun and rain.


You want to have windows and doors that prevent eyes from peering inside


The tent should be packed into a tight bundle that fits your vehicle easily.

Best 6 Person Tent Review

1. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin


Enough room for 6 people with no crowding. Two queen-sized air mattresses can sit side by side in the main compartment.

You have a large footprint with 10 X 9 feet of living space.

But, what is most exciting is that the word “Instant” means just that. Lay it out on the ground and with a bit of magic with your hands, you have a standing structure inside of a minute.

Your tent will withstand the wind and rain easily and it is well ventilated. Its Weather Tech System makes sure you stay snug and dry at all times.

The floor joins with the tent to keep out ground water. Rugged taped and reinforced seams give you many seasons of fun in the outdoors.

So, this is the perfect getaway home near your favorite lake or the piece of property you are planning to retire to. It also doubles as a backyard office for a writer, workroom for a gardener, and it presents you with the perfect example of POD living.

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Highlight Features

  • Headroom for a 6 ft tall person.
  • Pre-assembled poles that snap into position instantly.
  • Foldable down to a small bundle that fits into an SUV or car trunk easily.
  • Built-in rainfly gives you additional rain protection.

2. BlackPine-10 6-Person Freestander Turbo Tent


You have a combination rainfly awning that protects and lets you sit outside out of the sun.

Sleep 6 comfortably with all their gear and goes up in 2-3 minutes. It comes down almost as fast. It packs away into a self-contained package that measures 5″ long rectangle by 15″ wide

Enough room for 6 people with no crowding. Gives you room for air mattresses and camping gear around the edges.

Bathtub design keeps water from coming in and extra lard “D” shaped door seals and gives you the privacy you want.

The turbo tent system is responsible for the miracle of the speed in which the tent goes up. Just stake the corners first, and then get out of the way.

Your tent will go up during a storm and will hold up to 65 MPH gale force winds. It keeps everyone and your stuff dry as well. It also has an access port for power. This keeps you in touch with the world and entertained as well.

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Highlight Features

  • Great headroom for tall people.
  • Goes up in 2-3 minutes.
  • Small footprint when transported by Van or SUV.
  • Rainfly awning keeps off sun and rain to let you enjoy the outside air.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Tent


Side mesh panels along with two sealable windows keep out bugs and prying eyes. The removable rain fly can set up separately as a gazebo to shelter you from sun and rain at a beach or near a lake.

The tent has room for a person standing 6 feet tall. You can also hang stuff from the ceiling as well.

The fiberglass rods springs up fast and the tent goes up quick. You have two doors with awning front and back. This also allows for ventilation.

Your tent will go up even in the middle of a deluge. But, when it is up you keeps you dry and safe.

The floor joins with the tent in a bathtub shape that keeps groundwater from pouring in. Many owners have bought this tent and it has lasted for years.

Therefore, you have a family tent that has it all. You can set up near the lake or on a beach for fun in the sun.You also have a versatile add-on structure for use in your backyard as a playroom or work area.

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Highlight Features

  • Lots of room in a single compartment.
  • It goes up quickly and simply.
  • Seams that are sealed and reinforced.
  • Breaks down for easy travel.
  • Rainfly removes and becomes a separate gazebo.

4. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Now 6 people spend a great time away from home. You have room enough for both people and their takealongs. Electrical power enters through a close-able access port.

You have a tent with 10 X 9 feet of living space this means you have room for both people and their gear. A lantern hook and power access let you have a small home away from home.

A tent epitomizes today’s world of instant gratification as it snaps up in under 60 seconds or less.

You can then move your stuff inside and with wall organizers keeps it off the floor of the tent.

The CORE H20 interior Technology provides you a dry and snug environment. A mesh ceiling cargo net stores your stuff. Large windows that let you have cooling ventilation and a floor joined with the tent walls to keep out water.

You have an integrated rainfly that adds additional weather protection and shade from the sun.

You now have a 6-person piece of paradise wherever you set it up, Forest preserve, desert, and the beach.

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Highlight Features

  • 72-inches of headroom.
  • Instant technology that pops your tent up in seconds.
  • It then breaks down almost as quickly and travels in a compact bundle.
  • Weatherproof and holds up in a wind.

5. Coleman Sundome 6-Person Dome Tent


A Great way for 4-6 to enjoy the “Great Outdoors“, you can take your personal electronics as it lets the power come in through a power port.

Stand upright inside a large roomy main living area that lets you sleep in comfort. Snug and dry.

The floor is reinforced 1000D Poly that stops water from entering from below or during a storm.

Sundome 6 person tent goes up fast and two mesh walls allow for just the right amount of ventilation.

The tent lets you hang your stuff and lets lights hang as well. Power comes in via an access port that keeps your Smartphones and other electronics working while you are out in the wild.

Sleeves let the fiber rods go in fast and form the framework of a sturdy structure that keeps rain and the elements off you and your gear.

You have an integrated awning/rainfly.Set up near your favorite getaway spot, Pond, lake, and by your favorite fishing hole.

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Highlight Features

  • Lots of headroom at 6 ft.
  • Fiberglass rods go up fast and hold everything rigidly in place.
  • Take the tent down and pop it into your car or SUV to travel.
  • Dome shaped handles wind and rain easily

Final Verdict

This reviewer found that all of these tents have the requisite things that make, being out of doors a pleasure. You can even live in them for extended periods of time, up to weeks at a time. Some have even have taken it up as an alternative lifestyle.

However, in the final analysis, you have the means go to your favorite venue to enjoy time with family and friends. You save thousands of dollars as the hospitality industry has priced their services out of the reach of the majority of Americans.

You can now enjoy yourself and your family. They can also take their personal electronics along, as they are now an integral part of most people’s lives. So, next time you want to get away from it all.

You can get your choice from Amazon and have it ready for next weekend to enjoy the sun, weather, and the “Great Outdoors.”

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