Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Review

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro fixed blade survival knife comes as a well-rounded survival knife that is good for all situations. Gerber, a company in Portland, is a supplier of outdoor equipment including knives and other survival gear. They teamed up together with Bear Grylls, a British adventurer who is also a writer and a television presenter due to his vast survival experience in his adventures.

This knife came as an improvement to its predecessor which was the Bear Grills ultimate survival knife. The bear grills ultimate Pro features additional survival gear necessities like fire steel, a rescue whistle, hammer and a basic survival guide. It would be correct to say that it is a basic survival kit that has been wrapped up into one compact sleek package.

Outdoor activities can be very unpredictable and an adventurer should have an ideal survival knife that can measure up to any challenges you face out there. The Bear Grylls Ultimate pro has been optimized to give the user a maximal outdoor adventure.

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Who is it made for?

This product was designed as a survival tool for outdoor adventures and this is clearly depicted by its features which show it’s not just any basic or ordinary knife. The outdoor activity audience includes campers and even hunters in the forest. The knife has been modified to offer solutions to any needs such adventurers would have when out in the woods.

Product features.

  • The knife boasts of several exclusive features that make it an outstanding product in the market. These features include:*The 4.8-inch fine edge, drop-point blade can perform a variety of tasks ranging from hacking firewood to perfectly gutting fish or animals in a hunt. The knife has a construction of premium grade stainless steel meaning that it cannot undergo rusting or corrosion no matter what environment it is used in. The steel used lies between 440B and 440C stainless steel in chemical composition, edge-holding ability and toughness.
  • The sheath has a handle strap that is designed with a Velcro-closure system that hold the knife in place against the sheath when it is not being used. The sheath caters for both left and right-handed people. The sheath also has a hole at the base of the knife compartment allowing water to drain through if the user has any water encounter like swimming or a storm. This keeps it dry.
  • On the front side of the sheath, there’s a Ferro rod that has been positioned with the right side up. This placement prevents the Ferro rod from falling out of the sheath which would lead to losing it. This is an improvement from the previous version of the blade. This features makes starting fires in camp sites or other outdoor areas very easy.
  • The knife comes with a newly designed emergency whistle that appears to have added durability compared to that of the previous version. The whistle is also louder which makes it more essential and is attached to the knife with a lanyard.
  • This comes as a modification from the previous version which was half serrated and the other half was fine edged. The fine edge has an added advantage since it is easier to mend compared to a serrated edge.
  • The knife which weighs 13.7 ounces gives a solid and balanced feel to the user. The rubberized handle gives the user a tight and solid grip. The knife also has an oversized bolster at the meeting point of the handle to the knife. This prevents your hand from slipping onto the blade as you make a cut in surfaces.


  • Efficient multi-tasker: The knife offers a wide range of functionalities ranging from slicing, chopping and filleting and the pommel located at the handle base can serve as a hammer.
  • Durable sheath:  Judging from the properties of the knife’s sheath, it’s correct to conclude that it’s quite durable. The fire starter rod is held in a watertight holder preventing functional damage.
  • Trusty grip:  The handle that is made of rubber has been optimized to make it more efficient. It gives the user a tight comfortable grip.


  • The price appears to be slightly above average compared to other outdoor activity knives. Even with the added features, the price stands a little but too high.
  • The product only comes with one color and does not give the user any choices to choose from.


Q. Does the knife have any serrations?

A. No, the knife has a fine edge design with no serrated sections as in the previous versions.

Q.How long is the blade in inches?

A. It has a 4.8 inches length blade.

Q.  Is the knife made in china or USA?

A. It’s made in China

Q.What’s the blade thickness?

A. The blade is a quarter inch thick

Final Verdict

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro is an outstanding product among other adventure knives. It has been modified to offer some of the most essential properties one would need for outdoor activities. According to customer reviews the product lives up to its promises. The only downside of the knife is that it is slightly pricey. Other than that, the knife offers a full package on everything the user would need. For anybody looking for an essential multi-tasking outdoor tool, this would be one to go by.

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