Beach Camping in Florida

Today you're going to be treated to places in Florida where "Tent Camping Florida" is still king. Each of the beaches gives you the sun, sea fun, and loads of white sand to lie on.

In addition, you'll find campsites along with amenities that will may your stay there memorial as well as comfortable. Once you've been to a Florida Beach you'll never want to go anywhere else for your holiday or vacation camping trips.

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches for camping in the world

Bahia Honda State Park


Part of the big Pine Key there is a place that God touched the earth and made a paradise for us. Many of the mega resorts would love to put up a multiplex hotel and recreation park.

Florida is the place where you have beautiful blue water, clear skies that allow sunshine to warm your skin while you frolic on white sands near crystal blue waters.

This is a place where the camper is still welcome and you can pitch your tent and enjoy paradise on earth.

Sebastian Inlet


If you want place where you can camp, fish, and play in the surf there is a place for you. There is a place where you can also find Spanish coins from a Spanish fleet of galleons that were lost off the Florida coast in the year 1715.

You might be lucky if you brought your metal locater, as you are able to still find coins washed ashore from the sunken wrecks. However, the real reason people come here is for the waves and it is some of the best surfing you can experience on the eastern side of Florida's coast.


Speaking of which you'll find 3 miles of pristine sand to lay out on and your campsite is within walking distance of the beach.

T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park


Here is a place on the Gulf of Mexico where you can see 240 species of birds and the Gulf Breeze is always blowing for your enjoyment.

If you are camping out there are two camping grounds which house 119 sites for you to pitch your tent or park your RV. From there you can kayak, swim, and the birders will find more than enough to occupy their time.


For those of you that aren't interested in our feathered friends you can be lying on the sand enjoying the warm sun, the sand, and the sea all at the same time.

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area


If you want 34 full-service campgrounds, where you can pitch your tent and see the Atlantic every morning when you wake. This is famous are named after the Florida folk singer Gamble Rogers. Feeding

into the coastal waterways as well as the Atlantic, you have two options of either freshwater or saltwater excitement.


If you don't like water sports you can always walk along the many nature trails or hike along the beach watching the seabirds, as they will about the sky insurgent tasty morsels meals.

This is also a popular spot for kayaking and boaters of every kind.

Anastasia State Park


The Spanish found this place 500 years ago and never left. However, they no longer search for gold along with you are searching for great fun in the sun. You have surfing, fishing, and kayaking to your heart’s content. Lazing about the beach is of course, another sought-after activity by everyone who has been here.

The campground is well appointed and makes for a shady retreat after a long day at the beach. This by the way is over 4 miles long.


This means you can have your own private slice of heaven and not be disturbed by your fellow campers.

Fort De Soto


For the family this is the perfect place to set up camp as it has everything you could ever want to have in the way of amenities that include not only the tables, grills, freshwater, and even electricity or your personal electronics. Add to that delete facilities ranging from washers, dryers, and modern restrooms that include showers.​

Everything else you have forgotten to bring you can purchase at the camp store. For the kids there is a play area. To go with all this you have 7 miles of waterfront recreation along with hiking trails a fully paved bike path and a place to launch your canoe, if you have one.

The only thing that is missing is you.

Cayo Costa State Park


There is a place where you're totally cut off from civilization by water on all sides. However, it still is relatively easy to get to via ferry or private boat.

After you get here, you will find sites that can accommodate your chance and up to eight people. Amenities that are available include showers, toilets and freshwater at a central location.


Of course, everything else you have to bring in yourself such as food, bathing suits, and wanting to get away from it all and enjoy 9 miles of empty beach that you can call your own for the time that you're here.

Fort Clinch State Park


One of the last great forts in America that never fired a shot, yet it has been occupied both during the Civil War as well as the Spanish-American war. Now it's a great place for camping, surfing, fishing, and all the beach activities you can handle.

It has two campsites. One of the campsites opens out onto the beach while a second is within a hardwood hammock that gives you a perfect view of the Amelia River.

So if you're a hiker, swimmer, or just a person who wants to work on their tan. Here's the place where you can do it all at the same time.

Long Key


If you like to go fishing and you don't want to walk that far from your campsite, Long Key is the place to be. That's right you're sitting so close to the ocean that the swells of the waves rocking to sleep in the seabirds with you in the morning. You have 60 water fun campsites to choose from each with their own picnic table and barbecue grill.

Go out in the early morning catch yourself some good-sized fish and grill them up at lunchtime.


The kids can play on the beach mom can read her book and you can be busy stoking the fire and getting a good char on some specific Bonefish, Shad, and other Atlantic favorites. Who knows you might get lucky and take a Mackerel or a Jack as well.

Grayton Beach State Park


Santa Rosa Beach offers you up not only a beautiful beach but also a magnificent sunset for which this area is famous for. The coastline forests are like something out of one of those fantasy movies you would love to watch as a child.

As an adult though, you have 4 miles of trails to hike and bike on along with an adjoining salt marsh with its varied plant, animal and bird life.


Along with that, you have a campground that is considered the best that Florida has to offer and you should bet book at least a year in advance to secure your campsite reservation.

Florida Sun, Sand, and the Surf says it all

Now that you've seen what is down south in the Sunshine State, you've probably got the car, SUV, and RV packed and ready to hit the road. However, before you do. Please call in advance and make your reservations.

These beach areas are in big demand and scheduling a year in advance is not unheard of for some of them.

But luckily, Florida has sun almost year round and you'll be able to pitch you tent in on some of the most beautiful sand that you've ever seen and will all the amenities you want or need as well.

E.M. Paul

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