Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent Review

Get away from it all with the Big Agnes Flying Diamond tent, in style!

The igloo or dome has been proven time and time again to be the perfect shape to build a shelter in. Today, they are being made from earth and becoming permanent residences for many in USA, UK, CA, Africa, the Philippines, and even in Colorado. But, you might not want a permanent structure as you just want to get out for a vacation in the mountains, by a piece of land near a lake you may sometimes retire at.

We have just the thing to do that with the Big Agnes Flying Diamond tent that is made for fair or bad weather. Not only is great for camping and outings. It can also provide an emergency shelter in case of a tornado, flooding, and hurricanes that might damage your normal home.

People even live this type of shelter so much they have adopted in as part of the POD living lifestyle that is sweeping the country.

However, for whatever reason, this is a popular tent and we are about to show you why.

Who is This Tent For?

For camping parties of 8 people, along with their gear, the Big Agnes Flying Diamond would make a perfect tent. This would also be a great tent for families, fishing parties, hikers, and hunters.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent Features

Able to Weather Wind, Rain, or Snow

The rain fly turns this ten into a veritable fortress. You resist the wind as well as rainstorms easily. Purchasing a Footprint to rest under the tent also ensures that you will be secure from rough terrain as well.

The rain fly can have an awning feature by adding two poles that let you sit out in the blazing sun and be cool and in the shade.

Headroom for the Average Person

If you are less than 6′ tall, you can stand up without banging your head. The ceiling also supports mesh storage that lets you hang a lantern from for light at night.

When the Rain fly is removed, you have fresh air and light from above. This then makes this tent double as a backyard workroom, artist’s loft, and a place where a writer can work undisturbed.

Heavy Ply Synthetics Keeps You Dry and the Ground Water Out

The secret to a great tent is its ability to shrug off the elements. The FD8 uses a 1500 mm coated 70D Polyester plastic that is tough and can take abuse by kids and pets.

The flooring is coated with additional protection of a polyurethane coating and the entire interior is joined tightly with reinforced seams to keep water out. The rain fly is similarly constructed to give you a waterproof shelter that you can live in for however long you desire.

It Sets Up as Either a Double Room or a Single

The test sets up with a domed tent with an attached second structure. It has a tether that you can use to keep your pets from your sleeping area. But, you can set up just one part as the extension room folds against the dome leaving you with a single structure that makes it ideal when you aren’t using the extra space.

Mesh Ceiling Storage and Pockets Along the W​alls

The FD8 also has a room divider that comes down and ties off for privacy. You can fill up these storage areas with your stuff and snacks. They keep everything out of the way so people would be stumbling over it. You can even use the second part of the tent as a storeroom for mountain bikes, climbing gear, and even pets.


  • Has a zipper divider that ensures privacy or separates gear from people.
  • Lots of storage space and pockets inside.
  • Good headroom, I am 5’9″ and I can walk about in the main area upright.
  • It almost folds itself when it is time to pack it up to leave the campground.
  • This tent could take drone strike. At least it stands up to desert winds in Colorado.
  • You almost feel like a Mountain Man from the days of the frontier. You can go up in the mountains and fish and live in woods like Jeremiah Johnston.


  • Zippers could be better. I replaced them after I owned the tent for a while with ones that have a larger tab. Zippers are the main bugaboo for many brands of tents. I did not have any problems with mine. If you are aware of this weakness, not only in BA tents but Coleman and others, you can take steps to work around it.
  • Great for a large crowd, With it, came with a set of poles for the rain fly to turn it into an awning or a separate shaded beach canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this tent travel well?

A: Yes, it folds up quickly and the directions for setup are straightforward and easy to follow.

Q: Can I put this tent by myself?

A: You can set it up single handed but is best done with two people, though.

Q: How well does this tent hold up in bad weather?

A: The FD8 will stand up to winds of 30 MPH and better with no problems and if you install the rain fly properly and secure it correctly, it will withstand even stronger blows.

Features at a Glance

  • Two rooms with a zippered divider.
  • 10 mesh storage pockets around the edge of the tent and a gear loft loops included as well.
  • Tent body is breathable polyester.
  • It is made with rip-stop nylon mesh windows.
  • The FD8 has a floor Area 112sq ft.
  • The vestibule is 35sq ft.
  • You have a ceiling Height of 72″-54″.

Final Verdict

I find this one of best buys when it comes to a large tent. Having enjoyed working out of doors for a number of years. This tent comes in handy even for a single person who can use it in a number of ways. The reviewer uses his as an office while writing in the field and with a portable solar power, cube keeps his laptop charged up and running.

For those who have a group/large family, it lets you camp out in style with protection from the elements in any season you wish to enjoy Mother Nature in.

So, if you want a 8 person tent that can go the distance the Big Agnes Diamond 8 is the way to go.

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